“Just 1 Call” PET Recovery System “J1C”

Join the network of veterinary practices which use the new “J1C” recovery system for lost pets. Each member of the network has their own phone number coded on each AniCare PELIT® implant.

What are some advantages of customizing the implant PELIT® with a veterinary hospital or shelter phone number?

  • By calling this one phone number the pet owner’s name can be rapidly and securely accessed.
  • This same number can also alert Animal Control of the medical history of the animal.
  • Using this phone number increases hospital loyalty & revenue since a lost pet is lost income.
  • No registration fees to be paid by clients for the numerous remote Pet ID databases.
  • Backup registration recommended with the free Found Animal Registry for International travel.
  • All pets are registered in the Found Animal Registry and this phone number is also on the PELIT.
  • PELITs® are customized to the implanting practice and can never be sold direct, “on the Internet”.
  • Client security is maintained as each practice only has access to its own client database.
  • Distributed database which is always current for animal and owner is a major advantage for all.

New orders of PELITs® can be shipped automatically in accord with practice specifications.

To advance the growth of The AniCare System’s “J1C” program a FREE “J1C” Reader will be awarded to Animal Shelters receiving 5 nominations from area veterinary practices participating in the network as they purchase a new “J1C” Reader.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Purchase The AniCare System starter kit or additional “J1C” AniCare Readers.
  2. Complete the Animal Shelter Nomination Form either on-line or by USPS mail.
  3. Mount the AniCare System “J1C” poster on your bulletin board to alert your clients.

Let’s get started:

1. Decide what phone number to use in customizing PELITs® for your Veterinary Hospital.

2. Order an AniCare System Starter Kit;

  • AniCare System “J1C” PS-100BT Reader with 4 line display and micro-USB charge cable
  • 30 Sterile 2.1 x 12mm “J1C” PELITs in sterile pouches – 6 barcode labels for registration
  • 1 Poster Illustrating the “J1C” program. Call for pricing and to place an order.
  • Or order the mini 1.4 x 8mm PELIT® starter Kit.
  • Transmitting to certain software systems a BT 102 USB Dongle may be needed.

3. Complete the Nomination Form so an Animal Shelter or agency receives FREE “J1C” reader.

4. E-mail your order to Sales@anicaresystems.com

5. Call in with your credit card to maintain its secure usage.

6. Contact Animal Shelters and others who may be interested in the “J1C” network.

7. Implant AniCare PELITs® in your client’s companion animals for 100% registry compliance.

8. Promote your membership in the revolutionary new “Just 1 Call” network to help your clients recover their pets rapidly so you can continue to monitor their animal’s health.

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