“J1C” Products:

readerMicrochip PELIT Implants
Implant microchips in two sizes:
Standard 2.1mm x 12mm PELIT®
Micro 1.4mm x 8 mm PELIT®

Each is available in Bioglass capsule with a Parylene anti-migration coating in a sterile syringe together with 6 bar code labels for registration

Also a Standard 2.1 mm x 12mm BioPolymeric PELIT® is available for “Food Safe” applications and for rugged environments.

For volume usage the 2.1mm x 12mm implants are available in 10 shot clips with the needle manually sanitized between each implant.

Customized RFID Reader

PalmScan PS 100-BT RFID Reader with 4 line message screen

Top line – displays the type of microchip that has been read

Second Line – displays the full 15 digit ICAR number for any standard 134.2 MHz pet implant as well as HDX and certain other microchips.

Third Line – displays primary contact phone number which is usually the veterinary clinic or shelter where the pet was implanted with a microchip PELIT®.

Fourth Line – displays the (Toll-Free) Telephone Number for the International Database Registry

Social Security Card with ID

Pet Social Security CardWallet card containing:

  • Your Pet’s RFID number
  • Veterinary Hospital Phone Number
  • International Directory Contact Information

Free Shelter Nomination Form

To be submitted when purchasing each PalmScan PS 100-BT Reader to benefit the animal shelter of choice.

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