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AniCare Systems has been in business for over 20 years. In 1993, after selling his previous company to a large US company associated with veterinarians, Robert Kleemeier, pioneer in United States RFID endeavors in the 90s, created AniCare Systems. The company is exclusively dedicated to tracking and using low-frequency tags (125/134.2 kHz) and together with I.D.ology a manufacturer of RFID Readers also works with UHF “electronic tags” in various endeavors.

Since its creation, AniCare has established distribution in over 40 states and several Canadian provinces before selling the exclusive US rights to a large pharmaceutical company who also saw the potential in working with RFID transponders and electronic tracking systems. In 2012 AniCare began once again to market its sterile PELITs as a wholesaler to companion animal organizations. In 2015, AniCare became aware of numerous technological changes that were taking place and decided to broaden its operating base while incorporating these changes like Read/Write chips and readers plus Bio-polymeric tags coupled with the more secure database networks developed through the Blockchain technology used with Bit-Coins and other Decentralized Database Apps (DAPPS). In essence this combination of new technologies constitutes a complete overhaul of all animal tagging and tracking that has been in place for 25 years. The new Patent-Pending AniCare System “Just 1 Call” program is one manifestation of this technological change.

All RFID readers from AniCare are designed in the United States and Europe with manufacturing conducted in the US, Europe or Asia wherever the economic conditions are favorable. Syringes and transponders are manufactured in Europe and in Australia.

I.D.ology recently extended its activities to the design of smaller sized handheld readers with longer term rechargeable batteries. These lighter weight readers can be used both with domestic animals and companion animals since they can be linked to a database via Bluetooth or a serial cable. By moving to lighter weight units and more efficient technology that links to Android cell phones as well as computers AniCare and I.D.ology have combined several newer technologies with extended benefits to the market.

Purchasing an AniCare® Systems product guarantees a reliable product that combines the most modern technology at the lowest cost.

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